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Paul J Chapman - Art Appreciation - Stanley Spencer

Wednesday 7 July  3:00 - 5:00pm

Croft Field Centre

Paul Chapman, Accredited Arts Society Lecturer will bring his extensive knowledge of our local artist, Stanley Spencer, to the Summer festival. The title of the event 'Stanley Spencer, The Odd One Out' will afford us the opportunity to find out more about this celebrated artist.

Spencer, an English painter working in the 20th Century, is considered a visionary and an eccentric, he was an independent artist that never joined any of the artistic movements of the time. Spencer's works often express his fervent if unconventional Christian faith, his romantic and sexual obsessions. Spencer was a commissioned War Artist in both WW1 and WW2. He was skilled at organising multi-figure compositions as seen in some of his greatest works including 'Resurrection, Cookham' 'The Sandham Memorial Chapel' and the 'Port Glasgow' series. Spencer saw military service in WW1, had two unconventional marriages, was rejected on occasions by the Royal Academy, had an attempted prosecution for obscenity against him, all while living his entire life in a Berkshire village make his life as intriguing as his paintings.
Hungerford Summer Festival - Paul J Chapman - Art Appreciation - Stanley Spencer