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Well-being Workshop with Lis Allen: Life's a (re) Balancing Act!

Friday 9 July  2:00 - 4:00pm

Croft Field Centre

What got you through last year? Was it laughter, lager or lethargy?!

What did you love about lockdown? What did you loathe?

Why would you come to this event?

It'll be a fun, thought-provoking and inspirational afternoon, giving you time to check in with how you're feeling coming out of lockdown. You'll pick up some ideas and learnings for your well-being going forward: after all, there's ALWAYS more to learn, isn't there?! Bring a pen and an open mind

Lis has had an extremely varied career, working in diverse roles and organisations such as the NHS, the House of Commons and the BBC. She trained as a mindset coach in 2002 and has been running her own coaching and speaking business since 2008.

Lis is known widely for her Vagina Dialogues and Talking Bollocks events. She's currently Regional President (Thames Valley) of the Professional Speaking Association of UK and Ireland. She's also done a few stand-up comedy gigs because she loves having fun and is always on the look-out for it!
Hungerford Summer Festival - Well-being Workshop with Lis Allen: Life's a (re) Balancing Act!