Hungerford Summer Festival 2023

24th March 2023 0 By Richard Stockwell

After the AGM of theĀ Hungerford Summer Festival (formerly HADCAF) on 6 December 2022, it was decided that, after 30 successful years, it is not possible to bring the festival to the community next year.

A small core of loyal local people has, for many years, worked totally voluntarily, all year round, to bring the festival to Hungerford. Organising and booking events and venues, designing and managing the website, organising bars and hospitality, raising funds through local sponsors and Trusts, marketing and selling tickets and publicising the festival off and on-line, monitoring finances and being there for all the events.

For personal reasons, a number of the key players on the festival committee are standing down this year; chair and marketing, secretary, events booking and organising, website management and sponsorship. Without volunteers to take responsibility for these major areas, it is not possible to have a festival. Despite continuously trawling for new, active volunteers to join the committee, response has been limited which, sadly, has forced this decision.

We will mothball the festival in the hope that volunteers will come forward to bring it back in the future. If you would like to discuss this please contact me on

The festival committee wish to thank all the many loyal financial donors, both private individuals and local businesses, without whom the festival would not have happened and the faithful support of Hungerford Town Council, the Town and Manor of Hungerford and the wonderful Greenham Trust which match-funded all the generous donations. Thank you to FareWise Travel who have produced real tickets for those without computers, and to Adam Winslet who has performed and supported us over the years.

My grateful thanks to the amazing team who have worked so hard; Sara Fricker, Hilary and Richard Stockwell, Liz Barnett, Nicola Wood, Jane Mills, Jeannette Baxter and Jonathan Bacchus; and our team of volunteers who come to the festival to make it all happen.

And thank you to everyone who came to the events and helped make it a success every year.

The team of 2022 will be on hand to assist anyone who would like to take over the responsibility of the next festival.